All Men Are Brothers Published by Hesign International

Editor: Why did you choose graphic design as your profession?
Shinnoske: When I was five or so I used to see dots on the printed papers. I enjoyed its feeling and scent. That experience may have an effect on me to be a designer.

Editor: How is graphic design present in your life?
Shinnoske: Almost all of my life.

Editor: Where does your design inspiration come from?
Shinnoske: Each problem that provided by each client.

Editor: How many years of graphic training have you received? Do you think the academic education about graphic design is important for designer?
Shinnoske: Basically, I have four years graphic training in at the Osaka University of Art. My design ability, however, comes from everything that I have experienced in my life. It is important that knowledge of design among its all history. Typography is basis of graphic design. The most important thing is that, to have an imagination to someone who you try to give a message to.

Editor: Does your own cultural background account for the main influence in your design?
Shinnoske: I do not try to make a regional style and not have consciousness where I live. On the other hand, I influenced unconsciously by letters and characters I use and language I speak and also the city I live in.

Editor: Does literature, theater, music or any other subject contribute to your work?
Shinnoske: Everything I see, I feel, I hear, I eat.

Editor: Who would you name as the greatest master of graphic design?
Shinnoske: Each is the greatest master for me who gives me inspirations.

Editor: Besides design, what other hobbies do you have?
Shinnoske: I think I'm a good blues guitarist!