Shinnoske Design Inc. is an award winning Osaka, Japan based communication design studio founded by Shinnoske Sugisaki. Our focus is on presenting corporate and cultural information in its most effective and usable form through meaningful design.


Information Aesthetics and Impression Aesthetics.
We cach the design as communications and solutions by visual language. Design is informational architecture. The message structurized exactly is reach as impression impressively and effectively.
It is the basic check lists of design of our studio whether there is essential, there is concise, there is the future.


ESSENTIAL Essential Expression
CONCISE Concise Information Architecture
PROGRESSIVE New Challenge and Advances


Design of Information as Structure.
The quality of communication increases by leaps and bounds by giving exact structure to information. We think that visual structurization of information is the essence of every design.


Design of Impression as Unconscious.
Design which reaches a hand naturely is produced by giving visual sense of touch to the information structurized appropriately Same as the message which is conscious for you, we think it is more important that the message which arrives you unconsciously.


Concise Design.
The essence of a design is in the structure instead of the surface. By embedding suitable affordance, design can be get both conciseness and advanced Usability.


Creative Design.
Effective communication is created by being united the wisdom of design. Therefore, we believe that it is important creative direction with advanced design expression.


Collaboration Design.
We consider that our design is a collaboration with client, customer and present-day. Not to explore with idea and concept from an idea of whim, we look for clue to design since analyzing problems completely, client interview, market exploration.